Flash! Ah-haaa

Is it just me or is their lightning everywhere in live weather?

I went to Newark- lighting (for a week)
I went to Miami - lightning
I went to Tokyo - lightning
I went to Hong Kong lightning

It seems to be everywhere! I’ve checked local weather and it doesn’t really match…


Welcome to Microsoft Flight Simulator.


actually its Microsoft lighting simulator :wink:


No not only you. there is a huge bug thread here somewhere. Go and vote there so it gets fixed.


there raiden has been arrived on the planet

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Promotion material for God of War - Ragnarok.


Those area are in bad weather recently so it’s really accurate and nothing wrong.:thinking::sweat_smile:

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I can confirm, the lightning is overdone. Partially I do it myself, of course… When I go to the Wold Map and click on the edge of a region with clouds, you get nice clouds… you get a front with real bad weather :smile_cat: but the lightning and thunder should only be sometimes in certain places, not everywhere along the front, all the time. In the Netherlands we have a website called buienradar.nl (rain radar) and you get red and black spots where heavy rain and lightning occurs. Maybe MS/Asobo should import extra weather data from these rain sites…

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Meteo Blue (the MSFS weather data provider) as well as all the Metars contain infos (radar, lighting etc ) on thunderstorms etc.

As far as I can see it, it is matter of using that data correctly and finding a right balance.

I still remember during the day one release there were no / hardly any lighting at all. They increased and added it later but over did it.

And not even that works LOL

It’s storm season I got hit by lightning and I saw a flash a little to close to me on approach to Ohare one time and alarms went off in the fly by wire a320 neo so yes you can get struck by lightning

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“Remarks - Lightning distant all quadrants” <— What every AWOS / ASOS in MSFS thinks.

I got this too on final into KDFW during a thunderstorm. I heard the crash and my whole screen went completely white. I thought I had a CTD but with a white screen. But a few seconds later all came back up. I was also in the FBW A320. I realized that my plane had probably been struck by lightning. I actually criticize this game quite a bit. But this was really cool. If that actually was a lightning strike simulation it was a good job at doing it.


I did not know you can actually be struck by lightning in MSFS…

Euuhm what do you mean :cat:

It’s a joke, sorry if a bad one.

Everywhere, all the time, regardless of weather. That’s where you can find lightning in the sim.

They had it mostly fixed before. You’d have some locations where you’d have lighting for no apparent reason, but overall, things were good. Whatever they did in SU5 broke it again.


And more rainbows than a box of lucky charms!


Indeed, when there is clouds you get lighting. With life weather I always get some lightning, when there are clouds. With using weather settings, I did not notice it with clear skies, high level clouds, few clouds, or scattered clouds. It will set some probability of lighting when you choose cloud cover. You can set that chance back to zero.

It could also have something to do with these multi-layered clouds ? You fly mainly 10-40 kfeet I guess ? always above the first layer ? You see lighting between the cloud layers ?

I don’t typically use presets, so I can only speak for live weather. I know yesterday I was flying from Key West to Miami. At KEYW, there was literally a couple of tiny clouds over the airport, and the skies looked like a scene out of a Roland Emmerich film.

I think the overly done rainbows and lightening have to do with keeping the highly saturated and dynamic visual world that something like Forza has.