Flat areas in London - After SU6 update

Using Microsoft Store version here.
Just visited London for the first time in a while and noticed that I now seem to have flat areas in the city. Looks like there is some z fighting going on down there in certain patches as if something is trying to show through. Not had issues with London before.
Would anyone have any ideas?
Using Orbx London Landmarks pack

Orbx automatically blocks some places to prevent conflicts

Yes it does. Both 3rd party scenery and Asosbo hand crafted World Update PoI scenery assets are locally stored rather than streamed.

It might be worth toggling the Orbx off and seeing if there is something there that loads in ok (Orbx needs an update?)

Other issues have been noted in UK and Nordics where auto-gen doesn’t load/loads wrong building type and also seems to load lower resolution hand crafted models. (Notable are Edinburgh and Helsinki but also Dublin and Belfast have some wierd stuff going on and I’m sure there are more)

This might be related?

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Big thanks guys, your got me thinking more on it so looked at the Orbx side and found the issue was down to the fact that after reinstalling MSFS after SU5 killed it the compatibility with UK update switch in Orbx Central was set to compatibility without the update. Set that back where it was before and its looking much better.