Flawed overcomplicated MS store issue

So having built a new PC over the weekend, I finally got the new rig into a position where I could install all ten disks that I bought in August. Then I was prompted to redeem the code and this is where Microsoft over complicated system, caused problems:-

Firstly it said that the code had already been redeemed so its a one off product code and not one you use every time you re-install FS. Aerosofts suggestion about updating apps on the store didnt help at all.

Ok so in theory FS should exist on the store under installed apps but in fact it wasn’t shown. The store also says all sorts of apps are installed when in fact on my new PC they are not installed.

So this is a problem. Instead of looking at my machine to see what is installed the store just keeps a record of these installations locally. This means the store thinks I have all sorts of apps including FS installed but some and FS in particular dont show up becuase I am looking at the store content with a new machine.

In the end, because I fortunately always keep my older replaced PC and put them into a spare room networked up without any peripherals, but set up so they can be accessed via a wake packet and remote desktop, I was able to open the store in the old pc and get it to re-install to the new device using the add to device option.

So the moral of this story, if you build a new rig and have FS on disk, don’t get rid the old PC until FS is safely reinstalled on the new one. You may need to access the store via the old PC so you can see FS as an installed app and them move apps including the FS launcher onto the new one first!