Flexible PC build help

I have built PCs in the past but I’m not very experienced with the plethora of components available these days. I want to build a new PC pretty much for MSFS2020. I have no PC at the moment, so cant limp along with something I have now.

Goal is to build something now for sub 2000 USD (not including monitors) to achieve a decent frame rate in ultra at 1440p, but I would like to select a MB/chipset such that I would be able to swap out CPU/GPU in the future for a good VR experience. Is this possible at this budget? Appreciate any guidance.

What country are you in? (So we know the currency you speak of).

What is your budget?

Sorry USA, so would like to be under 2000 USD for an initial build. Even less would be better if adequate for the next 6-9 months before upgrading CPU/GPU.

Check Best buy or New egg and you can get a built unit for around $1500-1750, or check with Xforce that specialize in flight sim computers, it’s Micheal Brown on you tube. I just picked a 49" ultra wide curved around Thanksgiving for less than $900 with 5120x1440 120hz (you don’t need to spend an extra $1000 to get up to 240hz for flight sim unless you’re going to use the games that are not created yet).

Decided on 5600x on a B550 MB (Asus ROG Strix). Still evaluating GPUs to match with this setup. Welcome any feedback.