Flickering clouds after update (Oct. 29th)

my name is Max and this is my first post here - unfortunately because I got a serious problem with flickering clouds after the update today. When I change the weather to “clear sky” everything looks normal. The problem occurs with different aircraft and at different locations. Latest GPU driver is installed - changed nothing. I shot a short video to show you.

I hope someone can help fixing this.


My hardware:
Asus B-450 M
Ryzen 5 3600
32 GB DDR4-3200
GTX 750 Ti :crazy_face: (gives me 20 fps with overclocking and low graphics - I’m waiting for the RTX3070/3060 :wink:)

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Blinking clouds, blinking sky and a shape oft the cabin in the front window. I have the problem since the last update in 2020-12-08. Checking latest graphics driver, no result. NVIDIA K2200 with 4 GB and i7, 16 GB RAM. Waiting for the next update …

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