Flickering Clouds

I am not sure since when I have this issue but it really sucks. Everytime I choose a weather with any clouds, the clouds start flickering and to follow my view (like in the pictures). It is very frustrating and I dont know what to do about that. If you need any specs or setting of the sim please let me know. Thank you for the help.

have you tried it without devmode on?

No, not yet. I will do it now

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No, it sadly didnt work

oh sorry to hear that. submit to zendesk too

Alright, thanks

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If you own a Kepler, Maxwell 1.0 or TeraScale 3 GPU, which means the GeForce 600/700/800 series as well as the GTX 950M, GTX 960M and Radeon HD 6900 series, this is why. This issue was introduced with the patch, and affects those GPUs only.

Responses from support are mixed. Some are saying that a fix might be in the works but it would be low-priority, while most say that those GPUs are now obsolete and not supported by the simulator anymore, which means that the only way to fix the flashing clouds is to upgrade.

If you would like to help change their mind regarding this issue, please make sure to send a Zendesk report about it, and to upvote the threads I linked below. They directly said that probability of a fix depends on the amount of people who request it.


This is a HUGE issue. I made an account on this forum just so that I could reiterate how game-breaking this is for probably THOUSANDS of people. The fact that there is such a limp attempt to find a solution by Microsoft and Asobo is frankly insulting.

The sheer amount of time I spent trying to install this game, reinstalling windows many times, then dealing with a multitude of other problems, for months on end, every time an update was forced down our throat. And now? Now it was all meaningless. Because I CAN’T play. And I also CAN’T UPGRADE. I CAN’T AFFORD IT. I HAVE AN iMAC, I CANNOT UPGRADE THE GPU. Especially with such short notice.

I could understand if there was some warning, some message letting us know that our GPUs would become obselete in the future. But this? Completely and utterly unacceptable. Fix this huge mistake.


Alright, thats really really sad to hear because I miss these clouds :frowning: a lot. I voted already and hope for a positive result.

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I bought flight sim just one month ago. Everything was fine since this last patch.
I have those flickering clouds now.
Guess the model of my graphic card… GeForce 960M.
I have tuned everything I can to increase my computer performance and the game is running fine even with this “old” graphic card. So Microsoft do something about those flickering clouds! Thanks.

Microsoft said that it is unlikely that this will be fixed, unless there’s enough response from people to warrant a fix. Send a Zendesk report and upvote this thread to increase our chances.