Flight always drifting to the right

I’m having an issue, I always drift to the right in the stock Cessna 172 OR 152. I have adjusted flight controls to the easiest setting. no torque , no prop causing the plane to pull right . but nothing helps. I cant maintain straight flight. weather is set to clear skys and always has a wind of 277 @ 3. what can i do to make thios stop

Have you checked your joystick/yolk/input-device for phantom drift? Sometimes smaller joysticks settle just outside the null zone and provide a constant input despite appearing ‘centered’. Try a different input device, unplugging the device mid-flight, or even increasing the null zone for the two axis. Other ideas … Do you have rudder pedals? Are your feet neutral? Do you have a joystick with a loose twist z-axis?

Good luck! :slight_smile:

yes i have checked my joystick. i have also recalibrated it as well and i am playing around with the sensitivity levels and null zone inputs. i should mention that i have a saitek st290 pro. its an older model probably bought it back in 2005. works great on fsx on steam. im thinking that its just going to take some tinkering with it. plus it could be the fact that my system is under powered to really handle msfs 2020. my specs are intel core I5-4590 cpu. 16 gb ram and a nvidia geforce gt 1030.which is several years old.
some other things i dont understand about msfs 2020 is which dirrections decrease and increase the sensitivity , so im going all over the place with the setting . I need to find a starting point and wor backwards or forwards in small increments. any help would be greatly appreciated .

havign same issue since update on Airbus i normally play. It always turns slightly right can’t keep normal center. USe the SAitek yoke and never was an issue, RAn saitek checker and it is centered perfectly.

Doesn’t do it in other games just recently with FS 2020

Exactly the same thing here with an X56 hotas on the 172 even with rudder unmapped and huge deadzones on the x axis.

I have even tried keyboard flying and the ■■■■ thing still drifts right!

I would expect the p-factor to push the plane left not right! Has anyone had any luck with this?

Edit, I did some more testing last night on a few aircraft and it’s only the 172 that I’m having issues with. The rest work fine which would indicate it’s not an issue with the controller. Weird!

Check to make sure your weight and fuel levels are balanced. Having imbalanced occupants and or fuel can cause left or right banking.

Checked and double checked, no joy :slight_smile:

Make sure “Assisted yoke” is turned on (Options -> Assistance -> Piloting) to check that it is not an issue with your controller / stick / yoke.

I found this issue on flight plan from dub to incheon, after take off the autopilot does not follow flight director and keeps turning right all the time.

Marking that I’ve got the same issue with the Thrustmaster T16000M HOTAS, on all aircraft.

hi, were you able to resolve this?

I have a thrustmaster t flightstick x and on a number of planes the rudder gradually pulls to the right. Some planes work fine with no drift , this has happened only recently. It works fine on other simulators.

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Had the same problem and found that during a recent update it changed the model setting from modern to legacy. Changed it back to modern and now no problems :+1:

legacy chnage does not work for me :frowning:

Most of my aircraft drift to the right. I even have trouble keeping on the runway centre line… I have Logitech Yoke and Rudder pedals… I would love an answer. BTW is there a button that centrals ??? all flight surfaces???

Same. No wind. All trimmed out, flying straight and drifts. Never used to do that, and also notice the GA are very suspectible to even a 5kph wind, bobbling all over the place now.

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I knew I wasn’t imagining it. Try the Clear Skys preset and delete the wind layer. It still acts like turbulence is affecting it. This was on the C172 G1000

Interesting topic, Hands off yoke and I get this roll to the right in 152 172 and the Robin I have checked all the Sensitivity Settings, for my Saitek Yoke and Pedals, checked any aircraft unbalanced weight, check it on calm weather conditions, the only cure I have found is to put in a bit of opposite aileron or rudder trim, that works every time, just to help Rudder Trim left = ctrl+num 1 right = ctrl + enter. Note : that’s all reference to the number pad on your key board , not the numbers above the letters.

I’m having the same problem but so far only with one plane.
The bush trip Rijeka to Santorini is a real pain in the back because of this.

It’s the only plane that constantly drifts to the right - no matter what sensitivity or deadzone I choose or how many times I recalibrate my Saitek X52.