Flight and landings not logged in log book

Loaded a Simbrief flight plan from Austin to Phoenix in a TBM. Then I needed to land early at KELP. Did a direct to and loaded a Proc and landed. But the flight never appeared in the log book. In addition, I fly a lot of touch and goes, but the landings, not one, appears in the log. The take offs are there, but not the landings. It also seems to me that touch and goes should be logged. 5 T@G should be 5 TOs and 5 landings. Is there a problem with logging or do I not understand the rules.

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I saw someone have a similar issue with landings not logging and they got a response to check they do not have dev mode enabled as it inhibits logging 🤷🏻

Tried it this eve correct touch and go nothing
Full stop landing logged ! How am I to get my night rating !! :thinking:

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