Flight Controls do not work in "Showcase" view

I just bought a wireless Xbox controller strictly for showcase/drone camera view. The Xbox controller wrks great for showcase/drone control. However, my aircraft control is via Saitek X52 setup. While in the showcase/drone view, the flight control surfaces do not do anything or respond to flight inputs. Is this normal. Am I doing something wrong???

In my experience it doesn’t respond either. Seems like that would be a good feature to implement.

Yes this is normal for the showcase/drone view. With default controls press the “c” key to toggle controls between the drone and the aircraft.

…or use an external app to control the joystick, such as FSUIPC7.

Thank you to Raynen. Pressing “C” does allow me to control the aircraft while in Showcase view. Now I can set the drone in one spot to simulate control tower view and fly the spitfire like an RC plane. How fun!

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