Flight controls locked/Can't fly aircraft when holding RMB to pan cockpit camera

Having spent a good hour in the control menus trying to fix everything this update broke, there is one problem I still can’t fix. I think it might just be broken. Disclaimer: I have my controls set to “Legacy” as they should be.

When holding right mouse button to look around the cockpit, the flight controls of my joystick are locked. The aircraft cannot be flown with the right mouse button held down to look around the cockpit.

It works fine in external camera, just like before the update.But in cokcpit view, try holding the camera pan in like I have in every flight sim I’ve ever played, and you’ve got no flight controls now.

Anyone know which option I need to change to fix this? Or is it a bug that needs reporting?


I’ll hold off on mentioning all of the other controls / keybinds that were broken by this update. It has clearly been designed with Xbox in mind and ridden roughshod over PC users who already had their keybinds set up perfectly.


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Same here. Is there a Topic in the Bug section already to vote?

Yes, vote here. It hasn’t got many votes at the minute but it is a major bug

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I have merged your topic into the bug report you identified.