Flight Director Bars FBW A320 MOD & Aircraft in general

Spent last night doing several circuits in FBW A320NEO at night in really bad live weather without using autopilot. And an old wish of mine came up again which is for the FD bars to stand out more by being thicker and/or brighter making them easier to follow in normal pilots view when flying manually. I have custom camera views that I can switch between but thicker FD bars would be good. I have never seen this being mentioned before so maybe its just me that thinks this. Although I mention the FBW MOD I am really referring to all aircraft both default and add-ons.

We are trying to make the A32NX as real as possible (look and feel). I think the FD (brightness) does match the real look. But you can always file a request at github. And we will have a look at it.

Maybe you should adjust your monitor and screen settings… :wink:

I was thinking more of the thickness of the bars than acrtual brightness

Ok. But that’s how it is in real life. So I think we won’t change that. Sorry.

Correct, the bars are like that in the real jet. In fact the movement resolution for the guidance to which they move is much finer than the sim currently. To be perfectly spot on the FD has to be a perfect “+”. If you deviate from that a little, it will show either by airspeed, altitude, heading, course, etc. Currently it seems to be a bit lenient.