Flight dynamics and turbulence

The visuals are great however the flight dynamics of the big jets is horrible… the FMC of the 787 is not even close, i cant even go direct to a waypoint . I really hate complaining but i am not impressed at all. I have flown the 320,787 and neither fly anything like the real plane . Plus, maybe its just me but every plane i use in any weather the turbulence is constant and really annoying.

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Yep the general aviation flight dynamics truly ■■■■ and I’m an actual pilot flying Cessna 172’s and 182’s.

LOL censor police wouldn’t let me type s-u-c-k.

Oh is it? curious tho because a lot of real world pilots in the forums praised the single piston aircraft’s… they hated the caravan etc but single engine is gaining a lot of praise even from CFI.