Flight hours and Logbook reset

I just updated to and downloaded the reno air race bundle on xbox. Then after a couple races i went to my profile page to notice that my flight hours reset from 297 to 0. My logbook shows only my 2 races i did and thats it. But when i click on my profile it still shows all my stats and achievements i’ve completed. However, the landing challenges, bush flights and training flights all show as 0 completed. But when i go to the activities menu it still shows my percentages that ive completed them and my scores for each one. I went to my settings to see if the cache was off and it was for some reason? Not sure why or if that has any affect on it. But i turned it back on. Also all my assistance settings were reset back to default.

I read a couple of posts about this but with some differences and the latest one being in august of 2021 i believe it was. So i was just wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if its fixable or if everything will come back or if i just have to deal with it and restart from 0 again? And possibly if anyone knows why it happened?

I lost 200 hrs at the last update!

That’s interesting. I’ve had a couple hours lost here and there before but they usually come back after restarting the game or consol. But this time nothing. It’s seeming to be for lost for good now.

Second time for me.

First time in April, lost 142 hours.

This time lost 403 hours and ALL ACHIEVMENTS!

Rebooted game. Everything is back to normal now. What is happening?

There is a work around :wink:

Turn on Developer Mode, and you will not loose any more Logged Flight time, (as it will stop logging !! )

But seriously, this was a thing months ago, that Asobo claim to have fixed.

I can see for some who have spent time, logging flights, that to suddenly find their Log Book erased, is “ANNOYING” to say the least.

There should at least be a documented way for users to make a back, and be able to restore this time invested data …

Begs for an ADDON Log Book Backup/restore APP ? Someone ?

HAHA. That would almost be better so you’re not disappointed when your logs disappear! But i totally agree with an addon to back up your flight logs if anyone can do this ill buy it.

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