Flight Hours Rewards

Keep the kids out? I don’t know if it’s some elitist flight sim thing, but leveraging video games to peak ‘the kids’ interest in aviation is a good thing! I come from a family of aviators so was extremely lucky. I started cranking on MSFS when I was 10, my dad would get onto me for not using runways and flying into buildings but I was having a blast.

I could care less about achievements or virtual log book hours, but if that’s your thing, great! I just don’t want to see any content locked… ie I can’t flying Turbine until I have 300 hours in a piston type stuff. For the record that’s not even how it works in real life. Cousin of mine flies the F35. He has 0 hours in a single engine Piston. Point being there’s no single path in aviation therefore I don’t want the game to try to implement one.

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This game needs a lot of “RPG” elements, or at least I would love to see RPG elements. Not just rewards for flight time, but maybe a lobby where you could find jobs to do, a carreer, buying fuel, spare parts, having my own hangar or home base, discovering new places like in Euro Track Simulator. THere are many things you could do to make this game better, more appealing. It would add a “purpose” to fly. Right now I have no purpose to fly, I go from A to B just because I want to.
Sadly they already said all they are going to do is to add more “challenges” (live stream n° 1 or 2 If I recall it correctly).

FSE is great though, I would love to see that natively in game. Anyways, I am just dreaming.

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Hello Diego, I lost a lot of time in my logbook because the previous issue. But now , after the last update, is working perfect.
Still do you have problems? :roll_eyes:

Thank you and very sorry for the original title, I hav e no idea about this.

I completely agree, ‘kids’ is probably the wrong term to use - I think it’s the casual ‘spawn on the runway’ players that bother ‘simmers’ most. Also agree it is all very elitist though and that should change.

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No problem :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t. I prefer to spawn on the run way and get into the action. I have zero interest in starting the planes and taxing.

What’s wrong with you? Lol why are you so angry?

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What this closed minded people don’t realize is that the more people we have on the sim the more support it will get from both third parties and the developer, extending the life cycle of it. But hey keep that ignorant mind set and we’ll see how long the sim last before support for it stops. A progression system of some sort with some type of reward will give people reason to put hours into the sim. Casuals don’t care about simply simming, gotta give everyone something to make this thing work.

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Yep still… if you don’t exit to main menu it just screw ir up and not log anything

C’mon, people we need votes !!!

It’s very strange, for me now is working well. I have no idea why you have the troubles. Sorry for that

Thank you to consider me a kid !! :innocent:

I’m 63, flying sims from Sublogic, first real PPL in 89

Don’t be angry, this is to enjoy.

with all my respects to you

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1000 hours over night? u serious? ;D

In theory - depending on what the max sim rate is. If it’s only 25x, then it would take 40 hours. Left running by itself, that would be one day plus an extra 16 hours.

Again, understood… but having to do a go-around because of a ghost-plane suddenly appearing isn’t great… I don’t expect people to have to do a cold & dark start, but taxiing to the runway shouldn’t be too taxing (lol :p)

I like the idea of being able to unlock new type of planes specific to an area based on amount of successfully completed
trips within a certain area.Regional jets ,concorde, Military Aircraft,flighter,transport,… it could also be linked to specific
missions or flying certain flightplans successfully.

Unlocking new skins for certain distances might be easier to implement though