Flight Illusion Gauges

Is there, or will be, support/integration for the Flight Illusion Panels availabler any time soon?

My C-182T FTD from Flight Illusion is working using FSUIPC7 and Flight Illusions GSC Control MS-FSFS V.10.1.4 fron their downloads site. Everything is working…flaps, guages Power controls and all switches. Just used it this week.I have dual Brunner CLS-E MK II yokes.
Aug. 28, 2020.

seems to me there is no progress or news making the instruments working in MSFS2020
check their homepage regulary , only No news

Can’t those be integrated with a little help from Air Manager 4 Beta and perhaps the Mobiflight plugin? Just wondering, as Sim Innovations have somehow partnered with Flight Illusion.

yes!! wonderfull hint to try the FSUIPC and the older FSX programm V.10.1.4
Works great here,Artificial horizon the ADF and Airpseed and other instruments , everything works just fine.
thank you Bill2111 for pointing me in the right direction.
Flight illusion takes a lot of time to come with a new usefull programm to use their instruments.So iám very gratefull for your message.
cheers Andre

I have three standby gauges from Flight Illusion and they work with Air Manager for me.

Flight Illusion is now compatible with msfs 2020.They released the new software

download the new software here Download & support