Flight leads to crash halfway through in VR, not in 2D

Have you guys experienced this?

As the title states, I am doing a flight from airport A to B and it crashes about halfway through in VR. Same flight does not crash when in 2D. Reproduced 3 times now.

In anticipation of the Nordics I have started flying the OrbX Malmoe payware airport to ESSA Arlanda. For some reason it crashes midway to ESSA in VR, but works like a charm in 2D. The confusing thing is that it is a straight crash to desktop with no warning what so ever…

Oculus Quest 2 is the headset that I am using and sits on a GTX 2070 Super.

Very strange.

About the same here. Almost never crashing in 2D. But almost always flying in 3D as, you know, it’s hard to go back to 2D.

Also, it is possible that many CTDs related to the Renoir library are due to a threading synchronization error. These often tend to increase with faster computers or increased load. Flying in 3D significantly increases the engine load and could help open the window where the error can manifest.

I do have some hope for the simulator update tomorrow. So many flyers complain about CTDs that I just can’t believe Asobo / Microsoft won’t try to reduce or fix tthem.

Like you said mate, it is really really hard to go back to 2D so I am hoping there might be some improvement tomorrow but I am not counting on it. We can always hope.

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You folks may find more information in the VR Bugs section.

This section is for non VR, core sim issues.

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Cool… now where is the “Refund My $$” section?