Flight Log upon engines off

Hello everyone!

After installing the latest patch the Flight Log automatically pops up when shutting off the engines. Is anything I can do to avoid such page to pop up everytime?

I went through the options but I can’t find this :frowning:

Many Thanks in advance!

Strange, it’s always done this for me.

Same issue for me, and sometimes it crashes to desktop after closing the pop-up

In my case, it happened randomly, even before the patch. There were times when the flight log popped up after stopping the engine, there were times when didn’t.
I didn’t figure out what was affecting this.

Are you talking about it ending the flight, or the actual log screen comes up? For me depending on the plane it will end the flight if I shut of the engine/ disconnect the battery/ or turn off avionics. Seems like it has always done this though, had nothing to do with the new patch.

I have yet to have this game crash on me though.

It usually does this for me when I land at my chosen airport and turn off engines after parking.
A bigger issue at the moment with is that my flights don’t seem to be logged anymore in my logbook in the profile section…

For some reason it was not happening to me before installing the patch :roll_eyes:
Not sure if I can deactivate it from the settings…

It always seems to happen, when you shut down in the parking spot given by the ground controller.

Albeit the exact moment depends on the aircraft. Sometimes it’s just engine shutdown, others you have to turn off the avionics master or battery master switch.

If you park aways from your ATC assigned parking spot or make an incomplete flight (use fast travel), it will not happen.

Though the specifics are sometimes kind of weird.

Same for me, was not happening before the latest patch.

The log does not work when you are in Dev mode. Disable that and it fixes all the issues with the logs. If you dont have a flight plan and wish to park, you need to request taxi to parking, then shut down when parked to get the end screen log displayed.