Flight Model - ACCELERATION BODY xyz Severe issue

We have a big inconsistency while reading SimConnect accelerations. We would like to get in touch with Sebastian Wloch or another person in charge of physics coding, who eventually could point us a solution.

We are a group of developers in the motion sim community (20K members) developing motion algorithms for Stewart Platforms at the highest level of fidelity.

We desperately need your help.

The issue is described here:

Thank you very much.

we definitely need support with this!

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Again communities are the bone of Flight Simulator! Please prioritize these requirements. Thanks


As a E-Sports Enthusiast who is in the midst of finishing up his own stewart platform, I urge developers to open up the tool box for communities to allow for deeper integration then just the basics. This would not only net a higher lever of enjoyment but would also increase the interest of the very niche Motion Sim and E-Sports Enthusiasts like myself.


Yes! We NEED this!

Thanks for posting this MB

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I agree… a great sim deserves an accurate motion to drive sim platforms. I am hopeful we can all achieve this soon

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FSFS 2020 is the next gen flight sim, but as it currently stands SimConnect seems to be a forgotten dinosaur that needs the same sort of modenisation to bring it into the current era and allow deep integration with things like sophisticated motion simulation, which is far more accessible in the DIY and commercial realms than ever before. Please support the community and fix SimConnect by giving it the priority and love it desperately needs!

Surely a sim of this standard should be outputting realistic figures

We check the FSX “legacy” Option in the UI menu and it gives us the same artifact in the longitudinal body acceleration which was not present in FSX.

Writing a new flight model upon the old one, apparently made SimConnect output even less reasonable than it was before.

Either there is a bug inside or simply we are missing information about the new hidden variables that we could extract.

People who have contact to Asobo devs, (especially to Sebastian) please forward our request as we are waiting for feedback and technical third party support in this field.

Thank you

I join the requests

Same here!

FS2020 (or ANY vehicle game for that matter) needs an export interface that is up to the job. I dare to say that at least 50% of FS2020 users will use some add-on that requests data from the SimConnect interface. I also understand that the overhaul of the export interface was not super high on Asobos To-Do list (not a release blocker at least), but at some point - I fear - it will become the limiting factor if it does not provide 3rd party devs adequate access to data.

Also the documentation deserves a little more attention than it has gotten so far, I think :slight_smile:

That being said, there is some hope at least for those who used ACCELERATION BODY X/Y/Z in the past for use in motion cueing systems:

SEMIBODY LOADFACTOR X/Y/Z should provide the vehicles proper accelerations to the motion cueing algorithm. There is still some missing data there, but I will open another bug report on that now :slight_smile:

I have opened another report on the issue here:

I think the ACCELERATION BODY X/Y/Z is not the right variable to use for motion cueing in FS2020, albeit that it did work with P3D and FSX in the past.

Cheers… :slight_smile: