Flight model - DV20, DA40 TDI vs Just Fight PA-28

Hi there,
as per title I am trying to understand which one, among the DV20, DA40 TDI and the new Just Flight PA-28 is the most realistic low wing plane in MSFS, in terms of flight model.

Is there any real-life pilot who can share some thoughts?

Thanks for any input

I would say: the Just Flight Arrow. All Asobo planes are classic out-of-the box default aircraft. And planes that came standard with any MSFS version were never about the highest realism. They look nice, they fly well, but they remain uncomplicated so that they appeal to a wide range of simmers.
The JF Arrow comes with a complete set of original Piper diagrams concerning performance, fuel consumption, etc, and so far I have found that the simulated plane seems to be spot on. I also heard from a pilot who flies the Arrow that it’s a very good fit, and that the JF Arrow feels much closer to the real thing than the Carenado Arrow.

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See review by an instructor on Arrow type.


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Many thanks, that was enough to make me buy the JF Arrow and start studying it !

Thanks !

The yaw behavior seems to be rather weird (I don’t recall that the Arrow III was even remotely that sensitive and light along the yaw axis)…not going to comment on the RW Arrow instructors landing.
Real Commercial Instructor reviews the Just Flight Piper Arrow for FS2020! - YouTube

Yes, pretty bad, I guess that’s what happens when you’re not concentrating :slight_smile:

It also makes the review useless if you want to know how it compares to RL

In what way is it useless, instructors are not impervious from making mistakes, particularly when you can’t get hurt.

Useless if you want to know how realistic the plane behaves during proper landing (kind of what you’d expect from a review), since he shows anything but a proper landing

Well useful if you want to know what a hard landing is like.

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Fair point :slightly_smiling_face: