Flight Model mod for the DA40NG

Do you think wing and airframes are different ?

They appear to have a physically different stance on the ground (maybe different landing gear?). Not sure, but the DA40NG has a higher up looking tail on it compared to the non-NG DA40 and non-NG DA40-TDI.

At the least, the engine intake vents, weight, CG, and parts of the interior are different, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other slight differences as well, perhaps with the AOA/AOI as a result. I know the interior isn’t exactly a key component in aero lol… just saying, it’s another example for why they’re not the same plane.

I thought I saw NGon the instrument panel in your videos that you had in a earlier post?



Guess I’m not crazy after all :innocent:

There’s another DA40 in game (the TDI version, I believe). Maybe you should give that one a go @BusPeeGee

Yeah I tested in real the NG and worked in fs on NG so it’s coherent. Haven’t flown TDI variant that I discover thanks to you. Drag must be different with it’s blended winglet indeed so not very comparable

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You should also consider posting this to www.flightsim.to
They have some great FS2020 addons!
I posted my tree height fix there too.

Maybe thanks for the advice !