Flight models

Bought the Typhoon. Terrible. can’t get airborne. Actually all aircraft have very nervous flight charastaristics. Is there a solution? Furthermore the scenery is great, but flying is lousy. No working FMC, partially panel and taxiing is almost impossible. Do I something wrong? otherwise quickly back to Prepar and ORBX. I Hope someone can give good advise on flying MSFS2020. Have a Logitech wingman extreme. please advise.
Background: F-104, about 1300 hrs, DC8; 6500 hrs, C208; 1200 hrs. enough experience…

With your joystick I recommend to reduce the sensitivity for the flight controls axis quite a bit.
Start with -50% and then increase/decrease as desired.
Since the travel and length of your joystick is a lot less than with a real stick/yoke, you need to reduce the sensitivity around the center where fine/precise control is essential.

That’s IMO a necessary compromise to compensate for the difference in size, travel and required force.

With my T16000M I’m presently using -33%.

You mean by " reduce sensitivity " the roll / pitch ??

Yes. I’m presently using -33% for pitch, roll and yaw.

Do you have the “modern” flight mode selected in tbe options menu?

Yes, that’s essential.