Flight plan altitudes not corresponding to MCDU

Hi, newbie here

I want to start off by saying that I’m really amazed to be able to flight again on msfs (last one was over a decade ago) and I’m enjoying it a lot

I have one main issue regarding flight plan done on world map which gives me reasonable altitude waypoints but when jumping on a320 (or 747 or cj) the MCDU displays different altitudes and no altitudes at all starting from the first approach waypoint

I have no issues at all with cessna172, big caravan (seems like the garmin1000 is keeping the right flight plan altitudes) but when on plane using the MCDU like the a320 one the flight plan totally differs from the world map one (altitudes)

It’s getting really difficult to approach landings since i have no indication at all or strange climb/descent to follow if keeping the MCDU instructions

tried to follow atc instructions on ifr flights with ils approaches but usually forces me to constantly change altitude (some times even multiple times every couple of min) or delaying the descent to initial approach waypoint

tried to manually enter waypoints altitude on MCDU following the world map plan in order to have some guidance but failed (not sure if it’s possible)

even tried to manually enter the flight plan from a blank state but with no success on popping altitudes indication within the MCDU

I’m using the stock planes and I’m on xbox; is this some sort of bug or I am missing something ? (again with garmin nxi planes no issues at all right now)

many thanks!

I believe those altitudes you are looking at are called constraints.
These are altitudes you cannot go above on the climb, as part of the departure procedure, for safety or noise pollution reasons.
They can also be found on descent as well, but you cannot go below that altitude on descent, as part of the arrival procedure.
To make a cruise altitude, from the world planner screen, look near the top right for the words “navigation log”, click on that and in there, enter your desired cruise altitude.
That should fix your issue.

Thank you for your reply

i usually edit the cruise altitude in the world planner though i was wondering if it’s normal not having any constraints (thanks for pointing me that out) in the flight plan section on MCDU

I usually follow the atc instructions though they may come late forcing me to steep descent, and it’s pretty hard to vertically navigate without any indication on the plane MCDU

do you know if there’s a way to insert the constraints manually? I may take note of waypoints altitude in the world map and then insert them in the MCDU to get a “visual” guidance while flying

many thanks!

Constraints are normally only there for safety reasons ( high terrain - or to avoid conflicts with other nearby airport arrivals-departures) or noise pollution reasons.
There are lots of airport approaches that do not have constraints.
In the real thing I believe constraints can be added.
To the best of my knowledge, MSFS default planes do not support that.

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