Flight plan change en route/Throttle Cut on Approach

Interesting one this eve, which I eventually had to give up on…
I filed a flight from Southampton to Charles de Gaulle and followed the ATC instructions just fine, until 90 or so NM out from CDG…
I was instructed to go via Mordu (that’s not accurate, can’t remember the exact code, but it’s close) - eventually I got Mordu on to my flight plan via the MFD…later then I was advised that I was cleared to BOV which I again entered via the MFD - the BOV options in the dialogue box gave a French option, which I duly selected.
Only to find it was 550 miles away…

Anything obvious that I did wrong?? Apart from getting the wrong BOV somehow…I’ll have to look into this one a bit more maybe, and will need to be more fluent in inserting waypoints into the flightplan…

When they clear you for an approach or procedure, you are given the permission to start the procedure. So it’s like a “cleared to do what you were told previously”.

Usually you don’t have to enter anything in the FMS when getting a clearance, because you should have done it already.

BOV was most likely the first waypoint of the given procedure.

Normally I’d agree, but 550 miles away is twice the distance of the entire flight from Southampton to Dr Gaulle.

There are quite often duplicate names for certain waypoints/navaids and so far when I’ve come across them I’ve usually been given the choice. Except for one that like the OP was hundreds of miles away…

Just wish they’d give your expected approach a little earlier so you can sort out “errors”. This afternoon ATC changed runway on me AFTER the IAF - The FPS accepted it but then the aircraft decided to do something else so I disconnected and landed visually.

there is a VOR called BOV next to Tillé airport and in the North of Paris and it is the entry to SID OB4A and OB4D for runway 27R in Charles De Gaulle airport.

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Thank you for all the replies - tried to fly the route earlier this afternoon, but so many interruptions, I think pausing it so frequently caused things to freeze. Will try again…

Think I need to know more about the entry points for approaches…I’ll be checking out the BOV as found by Puuhbearchen. I think I may have inadvertently chosen a different BOV that was 500+ miles away…

OK, reflew the route - had a few nav point changes to make, as my planned approach was completely back to front, but got there in the end, bar one problem…

Managed to make the turning point for 26R, even got the APR set just fine - then the engine just cut to zero revs. Fuel aok, no problems there, no reason that I can see that made the engine just stop!! It was actually turning ok, and outside, I could here an engine noise, but there was no power, and of course the inevitable stall eventually occured…

Any reason for this?? Bug??

We’d need to know which aircraft you were flying to figure out what could have happened.

I thought of that as the lights went out…didn’t say which aircraft!!

The Daher - with 70% fuel on board

In cloud? Any chance you picked up ice?

I thought I had the de-icing systems on, but can’t remember. The approach was clear at the time of failure.

Well, I think there is a bug somewhere - I re-flew the route again just now with the Longtitude, and all went well right up to the turn for the approach.

I can see on turning the ILS system working in the MFD, so I went to switch to NAV1 and then APR…
The throttle went squew wiff again, and I coudn’t switch to NAV1 no matter how many times I clicked the icon. Switched auto pilot off to see if I could do it manually, but by that stage, the point of trying to get this working had passed.
Never had so many problems on what should in my view be the easiest part of the flight!!

Aww heck, I’d really appreciate any further help as to what I may be doing wrong…

I just tried another flight plan - this time a shorter one, Southampton to London City.

Exactly the same scenario - I get vectored on to an approach, I fly the waypoints, turn on final - and then as I switch from GPS to Nav1, the throttle goes to zero and my throttle control becomes completely unresponsive. Happens exactly the same sort of time in flight on the approach as the other Southampton to Charles de Gaulle flight I’ve been trying for the past few days.

Back in the Daher this time. Can’t fathom out what is causing complete throttle loss on the approach - always when switching over to NAV1 or to APR mode.

Sorry if it sounds negative, just want to get to the bottom of it. Using ATC doesn’t seem to be the issue - the vectoring is as good as I’ve ever known a flight sim in as much as it actually works! But I can’t finish the flight without crashing!!!

This is really starting to sound like a conflict in the controls mapping. The problem trying to switch from GPS to NAV and throttle loss when getting NAV to work. I have to wonder if you have the NAV switch (or related) mapped to throttle controls or vice-versa. An overlap or double mapping would cause this kind of odd behavior…

Thank you for this suggestion - I will have a detailed look on my mapping settings as I did configure a switch for the auto throttle on and off recently. I’ll get back to you with the outcome, probably tomorrow at this rate!
I did the same Southampton-London City flight without registering the flight plan and thereby no in-flight vectoring - just flew it, and announced landing intentions at the end of the flight.
Switching from GPS to Nav1 was aok, and the landing went smoothly - somehow I’m only experiencing this anomaly of throttle loss when I’ve registered the flight plan after take-off.
Would this in any way be an issue??

Can’t imagine ANY correlation. I would expect it has more to do with a combination of autopilot settings and throttle states.

Really appreciate the help and suggestions - update…
I’ve checked my mapping - no apparent clashes.
I’ve just reflown the same flightplan again…

This time - the throttle decreased to zero before I had a chance to switch from GPS to Nav1 and then APR - the throttle decrease happened the same time as I was advised to contact London City Airport after the turn - exactly the same point in the flight when all the trouble starts on every occasion - final approach turn. Throttle to zero - no response possible afterwards.

I’m using the Daher aircraft again.
No autopilot engaged - haven’t seen an autopilot setting for this aircraft yet, and I’m not using any switch I’ve mapped to engage auto throttle.
Auto pilot settings are NAV switched on - I’ve been using the VS switch for altitude changes. At the time of trouble, only the NAV is engaged on autopilot.
Thanks again for the help!
It does seem somehow as though something makes the throttle go bananas at exactly the same point of the flight - the turn on final. If there are any settings that I shouldn’t have on, I’d be happy to know them!

If it’s reproduceable then see if someone else gets the same problem. If they do, then open a ticket with Zendesk and tell them exactly how to reproduce it. If they don’t, it’s an issue with your computer only.

Not being funny, but how is it reproduceable?
I can’t quite see how it’s an issue with my computer only? How?? Sorry if that sounds challenging, but I’d like to know how a problem like this could be just my computer?

It’s reproducible in that you say you can make it happen reliably. Now see if someone else can make it happen the same way