Flight Plan Changes FBW A320 neo

Hi there,
i am flying the FBW A320 neo, stable v0.7.0.
After changing the route in the fmc, the route appears slashed in the navigation display, as if it would by somewhat inactiv. Nav-Mode AP does not follow the route. How can i make it follow the flightplan again?

You can push the HDG Button and HDG should be changed to —- and the Dot appear and it should follow your route again.
But I know that Problem with the dev. It happened just a hour ago when I had to change the approach to the opposite runway. I already be prepared for it and I just set a direct to the next appropriate waypoint and it should be fine again.
It’s a problem with the original FMS from Asobo which is still used by the stable and dev from FBW. The experimental got the new selfmade FMS but this is still experimental with some other bugs. So when developing will be finished, it became a part of dev and later one stable too.

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Thank you, i will give the other versions (dev, expermental) a try.