Flight Plan editing problem

Hi folks,

I seem to be having issues with creating a flight plan using World Maps with my issue being, the ILS Approach ends up being some rectangle pattern which I find unnecessary when I desire to have a straight in approach.

As an example, I want to fly a Airbus A320neo from Edinburgh to Glasgow and even if change runways in Glasgow it always wants me to do some pattern around the airport prior to landing.

I then delete points and add other landmarks where I want to craft to fly but the Approach wants me to still fly over the airport and then do a pattern back to where I was trying to achieve with a straight in entery.

How can this be changed so I can control my own IFR approach as choosing Low Altitude Airways and selecting my ILS runway, it continually puts in the same ILS pattern which imo is dumb.

Any info, tips or advice to how I get this ILS approach narrowed down without doing a pattern and get a straight in approach?

Here are a couple of pics of my issue, being I want a straight in ILS approach if its possible.

I then edit the fly over points but cannot still get a straight in approach and left with the rectangular pattern.

The strange rectangle is part of the approach. That is why you can’t make it go away.

This approach requires you pass over the VOR or NDB first and then fly out to the start of the ILS.

If you want a straight in without going through the actual proper approach according to the charts. You can just level off at 2900 ft straight in, and capture the LOC and Glideslope straightaway. And ignore the correct approach path from the flight plan.

Thanks for the update, its good to know that its not just me and there is a real reason.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Always good to have options, lol :blush:

If you think about it, IRL there’d be chaos if STARs and SIDs didn’t exist. They’re there to get all traffic in and out safely and without conflict.

The GOW approach might look odd, but if everyone wanted to go straight in, the transition for ILS 23 would probably be somewhere over Sweden :grin: