Flight plan, entering via cockpit help and altitude ATC instructions


I have the basics of finding an airport and ILS approach and my plane following this successfully, I have one problem though with ATC and altitude.

I was in the Skyhawk 172 with garmin. Did a cold start at a small airfield.

Searched for Gatwick UK on the garmin and then selected an ILS approach, all good and my plane took off followed the flight path and locked onto the glide scope at Gatwick. ( I was at 2000ft to make sure I locked on)

My problem was I never got any instructions from ATC about what altitude to fly out along the way?
Normally ATC says ascend and maintain FL10 or decent and maintain… and so on

I have Ai ATC assist on but normally I get altitude changes if I have created a flight plan via the world map.

Thanks for any help

Did you request IFR clearance on the flightplan before taking off?


No, not sure how to do that, as I normally just create a IFR flight plan at the world map.

Tune into “delivery” with your radio at the airport and request IFR clearance.

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So this is under the ATC control panel I find this.

I did notice when I took off from the airfield, ATC said I was not cleared for takeoff, lol.