Flight Plan erased while switching from and to VR mode

Simple as that, it got erased and makes the great feature of switching between VR and 2D mode unusable if this is the “trade off”. Is there any fix for that? Thank you all!

Seems to be a little hit and miss for me, but I have successfully created flight plans in 2d and then switched to VR and still have it ready to click fly.

Do you load the flight plan from the MSFS planner or you insert it from the FMS?

Yesterday the second one made me lost maybe more than 20 minutes… It’s not a really comfortable operation from the VR

Mine was just a simple from-to created in game gui.

Got it. Which plane? Do you have any Glass Cockpit mod on?

This may help: Flight plan disappears when toggling VR mode

There is a workaround as the issue is surprisingly caused by the VFR map being toggled on/off.

More info in that thread.

Thank you, i’ve been watched to the related when posting but i did not find this!

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