Flight Plan in the sim doesn't let me add waypoint where I want it to?

Hi everyone,

It will be cool to have a feature that allows us to manage the waypoints we add while making the flight plan in the sim. May be I don’t know how to do that but when I want to make a custom flight plan, the sim choose automatically where the nav point goes. In fact it doesn’t follow the order I add them. It’s annoying.

Sometimes we just want to have the navaid A before an other navaid but we can’t re-organize them.

Please add this feature ! We can see at the top the flight plan, we sould be able to move the waypoint like we want to :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance.


It seems to force their order to be shortest-distance-from-last. So to get around that you can set additional waypoints to trick the system into putting them in the order you want.
EDIT: This method doesn’t work if your route ends up swinging back toward departure point or previous waypoints. Grrr. We need to be able to control waypoint order!

EDIT: I’ve discovered that the .pln file is just an XML file and you can REORDER your waypoints just by editing it in a text editor. If you added custom waypoints with lat/lon in decimal format be advised that they’ll be translated into hrs/min/sec, but it’s easy enough to translate decimal to h/m/s either manually or with google maps or whatever.


I can’t add any waypoint neither once my flight plan is automatically generated. Once in a while I can add one but it doesn’t appear in the order I want so it is useless.
This is def a major bug and we shouldn’t have to manually edit an .xml file to do that.

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Yes the world map is indeed a bit buggy and feature sparse. I hope that in the reasonably near future (next few months maybe) there will be the ability to add, remove, edit, save (for POI’s for example), switch around and generally fully customise your waypoints and flight plans, although it’d be even nicer to be able to do all that in-cockpit without wrestling with the Garmin controls.


Good tip, thanks