Flight Plan missing after returning to bush trip #PC

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If you resume to a Bushtrip, the flightplan is gone in the G1000 Nav System
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If I start the Bushtrip for the first time, for example the new Germany BT - the Flightplan is loaded to the G1000 and I could follow the POIs via the G1000
(Yes I know the BushTrip should be done with the NavLog, but it is a helpful tool to use the G1000 if you are getting lost - AND it worked before)
Since SU5 this function is broken!

I already removed the WT G1000 - then it worked for the first leg.

Normaly I fly one leg per day, and if I resume the Bushtrip - the FlightPlan is gone.
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Ryzen 3700x
2070 Super
Installed to NVme SSD
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current version

Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
MS Store

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I found also this Topic:

Here is the FLT file (renamed to PLN) from:

If I understood the thread above correct, waypoints with more than six signs can cause issues, but if I see this correct, all waypoints are belove the magic border of six