Flight plan sequencing, direct to, and loading of approaches totally broken #PC

On PC/Microsoft Store.

Basically the way that flight plans are sequenced is not correct. Say my flight plan is KSMO SADDE VTU CMA KSBA and I’m doing an approach. If am suddenly cleared before SADDE direct VTU and hit “direct” for VTU, that should navigate me direct to VTU, then resume sequencing the VTU>CMA leg. Sometimes this works. Other times, it suddenly has no idea where to go after VTU and will start doing bizarre turns.

Another major issue is that if I load an approach in the air, it will act like I activated it and take me direct to the IAF. Sometimes it will delete things from my original flight plan or not allow me to add waypoints which I need, and is “stuck” in the approach part of the flight plan (which, again, I never activated). There is a difference between loading an approach and activating an approach. The game does not seem to understand.

All of this is quite frustrating and makes IFR flight very difficult.