Flight plan website/app with a good detailed map?


I have tried a few like simbrief, skyvector to create flight plans, but there is always something missing for some of these sites to be the number 1 place for everything, take sky vector, US is more detailed on the map, especially for VFR as it shows all the names of places in the US, but Europe it doesn’t.

Im trying to find a free website or app that I can at least plot my course, by viewing a map with all the waypoints and actual real location names so I can navigate a bit easier.

I want to try manually inputting the plan into the garmin and will be flying in a light aircraft like the cirrus sr22 using GPS to get me to my destination, but on my world tour I want to visit famous landmarks and locations, but apart from the world map in the sim I cant find anything on the internet that shows both waypoints as well as famous landmarks and name places all on one map together so its easy to plan my route.

Is there anything out there?

Have you tried Volanta — Your personal flight tracker?


No, does it have a world map I can bring up that shows waypoints, airports and city/town, famous locations?


It can bring up waypoints if you open the filters. It doesn’t have famous locations, though… But it does shows Cities and towns. And if you zoom enough on airports, it even show you the taxiway labels and gate/parking numbers.


Nice thats good enough.

Dont think there is an app for the iPad though, but it looks like I can use browser.


Also take a look at [UPDATE: 2.6.16] Little Navmap

Everything you asked for is in there, and you can make a server to display flightmap in a browser


I did see that one, but I being on macOS it takes a lot of messing about to by pass the mac security to allow it to install.

Bootcamp is your best friend… :laughing:


I assume you have a windows pc for the sim? (Otherwise I see not how you can play at all :joy:)

You can install LNM on that, make your plan etc, start server and open the given address on your Mac in safari. Don’t need to install to see it. Only need to be on same network


No i’m on the xbox. :laughing:

Oh on that case I think you’re out of luck. AFAIK there is no external app for that for Xbox as they can’t connect to simconnect on xbox

Please give my (free) planner a look. More information is in the User’s Guide. I don’t know if you can import a plan into XBox, however.

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That looks a great app, unfortunately im on mac here with xbox to play the sim.

I though I could use bootcamp? on my mac but I don’t really want to install that for just one program.

Why can you not just install the Little Navmap MacOS version ?

I don’t have a Mac, but is it complicated to install programs there ?
It’s supposed to be a native version.


Little Nav Map is all you ever need

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I will have to have another look, my mac security was blocking it, but there is away around it I think.

Ok managed to install little nav map, its great.

But I have one issue, airports are extremely difficult to find on the map, anyone know if I need to enable a setting?


Managed to fix it.