Flight plan won't load correctly

I created a flight plan from KCLK to KPIT with an ILS approach to runway 10L without an arrival path. However, when zoomed in, the flight path avoids 10L, crosses the airport and then makes a sharp turn to runway 28L. If the plan is created in LNM it will still default to the above path. Anyone have and explanation of what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong. BTW, if you create the approach in the FMS in the G1000, all is done properly.

Hard to say exactly what errors jump out of the sims AP. Whenever dealing with it I make sure to set the IAF of the approach as part of my flight plan. In this case STOWI as the Initial Approach Fix (IAF) and maybe then it will allow the 10L approach to be seen.

Ok, so I set up the same scenario, with the same result.
Zoom in a little closer, you should see a dot on 10L
Then the plan goes to 28L, because MSFS still sees that as the in service runway.
Click on the dot on 28L and you will see “Delete Arrival” as one of two choices.
Click on that.

Thanks for your replies. Still a lot to learn.

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It’s never ending learning in this hobby!
That’s part of what makes it so interesting.

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