Flight Plan / wrong DTK and DIS

When starting a pre planed flight, the flight plan in garmin always shows 6° and 0nm for every leg. The navlog shows the correct entries and also the map is right. But autopilot uses the wrong entries and tries to fly 3000nm to the north. When using D-> the autopilot flies to the Navpoint but when reaching it again tries to fly to the next one in 6° and 3000nm away!

I don´t know what to do or to change. This is my 35th year flying sims…and this sucks…

Now that I haven’t done anything else for a day than to investigate this error, including reinstallation, I think that it can only be due to incorrect nav data. The aircraft’s FMS may be accessing a different data record than the planner or the navlog. Does anyone have any idea how to validate the nav data or where it is stored?

I could solve it myself:
A check mark was set in the Windows region settings, which enables UTF-8 to be output in a universal way. As a result, an incorrect character set was used for the “CUSTOMFLIGHT.PLN” file, which added special characters to the coordinates of the individual navigation points so that they could no longer be interpreted by the FMC. After removing the check mark in the Windows region settings (see screenshot), the flight plan in the FMC now also works with correct directions and distances.
Maybe the topic will help others with the same problem.



I’m glad you had it fixed! You can always create an issue workaround post in #self-service:bugs-issues to help out anyone who has had the same problem.

Happy flying :wave:

This is great, thank you so much it had been annoying me! I’ve no idea how you figured out it was the region settings but thank you!