Flight plan?

Anyone else having trouble with making a flight plan on the world map? I can put in departing and arrival airports but cant add waypoints POI’s. I click in POI and it says ADD and nothing happens.

When I click add, it does add the POI to the flight plan

This is an IFR/ILS Flight Plan.

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The issue I have is; searching for a ‘waypoint’, the map zooms in and the ‘waypoint’ is not showing.
I go through the same search procedure a second time, and the ‘waypoint’ shows and can now be added to the flight plan.

There are no “waypoints”. Only Airports and Points of Interest.

You can fly over/past a POI. It is not a waypoint.

Read the “HELP” screen (at the bottom of the screen).

Don’t know what “searching for a ‘waypoint’” is.

I can’t add poi’s to the flight plan but I used to be able too that’s what my question was about anyone got a fix please

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