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Can you create a VFR flight plan with different notification points, other than a direct flight? Grateful for your answers

You can right click on any waypoint after selecting a take off and landing point and click “Add” if thats what you mean?

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no, I mean terrestrial points, like roads, villages, rivers.

This question will baffle any pilot)))

There is a way to add actual coordinates to a flight plan and creating a “custom” waypoint. It can be anywhere. You have to use Google maps or something to get the coordinates and copy/paste them into the flight plan. I have done this for a flight already. My only issue is that the waypoint is named “CUSTOM” and I can’t figure out how to change that. It will show up in your NAV log that way, and if you have the notifications set, you will even see the “CUSTOM” waypoint while you are flying (just as you see in the flight training for Munds Park). It would be so awesome if we could name those waypoints, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.


Visual flights are made with reference to terrain, not radio aids, therefore within the simulator I still do not see how to make a VFR plan,

Sorry, this is at least partially wrong. Don’t generalize. Of course you can file your VFR flightplan with RNAV points or VORs, if your aircraft is properly equipped.
VFR means the pilot is responsible to keep separation (when not in airspace C that is) and stay in VMC.

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The only way that I can think of is to load a flight plan from Little Nav Map (which includes the VRP’S in the UK,obtainable from cixvfrclub.org)although the MSFS flight plan once loaded from LNM does not show these points as VRP’S, only the geographical location.

To be clear,

that solution with HootThe Owl is quite good workaround. MSFS now not has VFR points as i see but Navigraph is preparing this as I saw in Beta release of test DB import. VFR is used also with NAV/GPS equipment in real, sometimes it’s really needed because doing flight under VFR strictly via visual reference is simply impossible :slight_smile: only if you really know that place where you fly. VRP are also part of this what need to be defined in NAV equipment and as I said are very important for navigation, therefore Airspaces are also included to better cooperate.


only question to what country regulations you are reporting? Class C airspace is only part of control Airspaces so therefore differencies from Country are possible.

I see no way to do it easily in msfs2020, yet. In P3D you have the Gtn 750 for example with which you can add visual flightplanning aka selecting points via touchscreen on the fly, or create custom waypoints to be added temporarily or permanently into your Gtn 750 and use them in the conventional way.

I think it can be done easy,

preflight preparation/study of flight is first thing, here comes possibilities where to fly, where are some NAV points that can be used as backup and can be as help to see heading and better then navigate and correct track. Every VFR pilot need have VFR map available without doubts, due Aisrpaces and VRP. Then flight can be done better also to not familiar location, with cooperation of visual referencies. We can talk also next with leaving Country borders points, … VFR problematic is little bit different to IFR and also with communication phraseology which need to be learned and trained.

Forget to say that it’s perfect that also other pilots try VFR flights and also on Vatsim…

I learned another little trick to make flight plans a little more “custom” as well. Before, I noted that when you place a custom waypoint in the flight planner, you will see it pop up as “CUSTOM”. Well, if you manually edit the .PLN file (it wil be located in your MicrosoftFlightSimulator_xxxxx\LocalState directory), you can change the name to anything you want. For instance, I created a flight from Providenciales Intl to Colonel Hill airport in the Bahamas. Scrolling through the *.PLN file will show the following lines:

    <ATCWaypoint id="Custom">
        <WorldPosition>N22° 35' 26.51",W73° 36' 50.83",+005500.00</WorldPosition>

You can change “Custom” to anything you want:

    <ATCWaypoint id="Plana Cays">
        <WorldPosition>N22° 35' 26.51",W73° 36' 50.83",+005500.00</WorldPosition>

This will now show up in your NavLog as “Plana Cays” and if you turn on assistance, you will see the floating tag with the name you put in.

So, it isn’t a POI yet - but it is a tiny step closer.


Does that actually work?

I tried doing that for the Scenic Route flight plans that I generate at https://fsdailies.azurewebsites.net/, but they wouldn’t load.

It definitely works. Here is a screen shot of the NAVLOG in the flight planning screen:

During a flight, the waypoint is named correctly and appears in the NAVLOG, the tag hovers over the waypoint and gives you a distance as well. You can also see on the GPS that the waypoint is logged.

So, in response to the OP, you can put any landmark you want in your plan (bridges, rivers, mountains, islands, etc.) The trick to naming them is to manually edit the *.PLN file. Note that I did manually put the coordinates into my flight plan using the in-game flight planner. You have to go to Bing or Google Maps to get the coordinates and copy/paste it into the plan. It isn’t the most elegant solution, but it gets the job done for now.

The next attempt is to get it marked as a POI, and it would be really cool if we could add text descriptions and even images like you find in the bush flight activities. I already found where all those files live, but haven’t quite decoded how to link everything together yet. But it is possible - and that is a very exciting thing!


Cheers mate, I fixed my Flight Plans to support this on Scenic Routes.

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Great to hear, buddy! I am hoping that in a later game update, we can make all these adjustments in the flight planning tool. I am loving the VFR stuff in this sim. It would be so cool if the community could make trips all over the world with Points of Interest, descriptions of the sites, interesting airports to land. My impression is that everything is already in place for an extremely rich experience in regards to flight planning and points of interest. It is just a matter of making it more accessible to the everyday user. Manually editing files can get frustrating and is quite error-prone. Anyways, glad to hear it helped!

Thats what I’m trying to organise with my website (see link above). It generates new short flights, scenic routes, Bush flights and long haul everyday, so the community has something to do and see.

Remember Flight Sim World (RIP)?

You could create custom waypoints on FSW’s world map immediately after creating departure and arrival points by simply clicking anywhere on the directional line connecting those first two points.

Even better, you could then pull any of those additional custom waypoints around the map to create a line of travel that avoided, say, mountainous terrain (by going around it), or simply create yourself a scenic route with several waypoints between your departure and arrival to spice up and vary the journey.

How Asobo has failed to implement this - I would call it basic functionality - is simply baffling. It’s definitely one of my biggest gripes about MSFS, as things stand - such functionality would be immensely helpful when flying A.I.-controlled flights (as I do, a lot) - at present the A.I. simply doesn’t ‘see’ mountains or high terrain and just dumbly flies straight into it. Astounding.

Custom (moveable) waypoints on the flight plan would solve this. Done.