Flight Planner Bug: Plotting a new route in the world map doesn't take effect

Does it make a difference if you build your second flight plan on the maps screen with a GPS enabled plane at the top left, then just before you hit fly, switch to your non-GPS enabled plane i.e. switch planes on the map screen, not when spawned?

That doesn’t work, unfortunately.

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What message do you see when your rolling cache is full? The only message I see recently is when my bandwidth is too small and Bing graphics have been disabled.

To clarify, how are you checking the flight plan in a non-GPS plane? Exclusively through the VFR map and nav log windows? (I don’t use these and have disabled them, so I’ve never encountered any problems though I use the Top Rudder Solo 103 frequently.)

That’s exactly how I’ve been checking.

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I use the navaids. My destination is marked in the distance, and I can tell it’s not setting to the new on that way.

Gotta say – I am shocked they fixed the 787 bug but not this one in a hotfix. This is arguably worse. This bug impacts a wide array of aircraft.

Yes, it’s disappointing this bug hasn’t been fixed yet…

I know I can just load up in a GPS equipped plane to fix it, but its really breaking my flow. I almost never fly in GPS planes.

I fly Spitfire, m339, t45, g91, Shock Ultra, etc. :frowning:

MSFS-Team pls fix this bug soon!!

Folks who are reading this – please vote this up if you don’t mind. This problem impacts many planes and is quite the inconvenience. Thank you.

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Hopefully the upcoming update fixes this annoying problem.

Hey there,

I posted a message the other day looking for a good workaround and I found one! Users on this forum taught me about a program called Little Navmap that is WAY better than the default flight planner, and even lets you set/change routes mid-session! I have it running in network mode on a laptop next to my flight screen, and now I don’t suffer from this bug anymore! I really hope they fix it, but there is a workaround.


Interesting. They seem to have fixed this bug, however, I’ve noticed they introduced a new one in the process.

  • Pick a destination
  • Pick an arrival
  • Load the sim
  • Fly the route or exit back to main menu
  • Pick destination
  • Do not pick an arrival
  • Notice that your NAVAID is still set

I am just going to stick to Little NavMap from the forseeable future. :smiley:

I tested here with the Top Rudder Solo and it doesn’t seen fixed, even selecting IFR low altitude the bug persisted.

Odd, I’ll look at it again. I tried it in the Tomahawk and it seemed to work. That said, I’ve pretty much abandoned the Flight Planner for Little Navmap.

I’m a newbie (clean install of the game 25/7/2021) and am experiencing this problem.

I had this today. I was catching up on some POIs from previous world updates. The first flight I had two airports with a single POI enroute.

The second flight was the same, but different airports, and a different POI. On the second flight , the plan on the GTN750 showed the POI from the first flight, but the plan on the VFR map was correct.

On the third flight I pressed the reset button on the world map before creating a new plan. The third flight was correct on both the VFR map, and the 750.

I have the same issue. Navlog and vfr magenta line only work with garmin equipped planes. Cessna 152 and robin dr400 don’t work.

I haven’t done thorough testing yet, but I believe it does work once, then doesn’t for all future flights in non garmin planes.

That’s what the testing points towards, unless the future flights are bush trips, landing challenges, etc.