Flight Planner causes the Sim to Freeze on Xbox

I am having a strange issue since earlier today. I never experienced CTDs or freezes before on my Xbox. I am currently on a flight around the world in the TBM930. When I try to create a Flightplan originating in Puerto Montt in Chile the Flight Planner freezes and I have to restart the Sim. I tried to plan flights originating at other airports and all works fine. I don’t think this is related to the hotfix. Could some of you try if they run into the same issue with the Series X?

I play game on PC, and last week, playing after update (but before hotifix), noticed flight planner would not generate a time between departure/arrival points and then become unresponsive, so I had to back out and re-enter planner to make it generate flight time. Didn’t generate a ctd, but clearly that was a new issue. Will have to see if hotfix fixes this. Odd, though, that an issue with flight planner got introduced; maybe slaving it to Bing world map introduced the bug.

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