Flight Planning Import

Does anyone know how to get from one of the many formats Sky Demon exports a Flight plan into, into the format acceptable to import into MSFS2020? I found one piece of software that suggested it did the conversion, but importing into MSFS caused a CTD. The file itself looks totally different, so clearly not correct, but poor error handing on MSFS part.

I already have the connection to Skydemon to track the flight in real time on Skydemon. I want to import in the flight plan, so autopilot behaves like the real plane and follows the plan on Skydemon.

Skydemon can support export of GPX, KML, RTE, FPL, GFP. Given some of those are Garmin files for exactly this purpose, something much be able to convert correctly.

Thanks, Steve.


LittleNavMap should be able to convert flt to pln file

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You might want to try the Plans Converter available from flightsim.to. It can convert flight plans to the FSX format which is supposed to MSFS compatible.

Thanks, that worked.

Thanks might be useful to others. Littlenavmap worked, so will keep to that for now, thanks for the input.