Flight Plans for Xbox Series S

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When creating a flight plan on the world map, I am encountering “broken” arrival or approaches into my destination airport. Today I was flying the B737 from Bredok3d from Mumbai to Dubai. My STAR was selected as PUVA5C 30R. As I reached the STAR, I noticed extra flight plan lines coming into PULVA (that’s how it was marked on my flight plan screen). I had to land the plane manually as the autopilot would have had the plane flying around in circles according to this broken part of the plan.

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I would look at the PUVAL/PUVA5C STARS in the system to see if there is a problem with those, or if it might be a problem with the B737 from Bredok3d, I’m not 100% sure which might be the cause.

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# (I think is the build version).

I have had that happen several times. I just usually fly direct to the 1st ILS waypoint descend to proper altitude and engage the approach.

I’ve tried that before, but then the system wants to take me back off course for some reason. So I don’t know; maybe I’m not getting it right. The problems do seem to happen more with the Boeing aircraft too.