Flight Plans In Game

I hope in the future we have the ability to create flight plans without having to exit to the main menu. I want to do multi-leg segments and having to exit all the time do make a new flight plan is a pain. It would also be cool to be able to utilize the in-game fuel truck feature to refuel when making a new flight vs exiting.


I called a fuel truck using ground services to get fuel and I also load in flight plans into my G1000.

One time the fuel truck said it was too busy though.

Right. I still think we need the ability to make new flight plans like we could FSX. Hopefully it’s something that can be added in an update.


You can make flight plans in game, where ever you want.

I can’t currently open the world map in game and plan an actual route with the route planner.

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HAve to be saved and then loaded while getting fueled ext.

Say you fly Houston to las vegas. Precreate Las Vegas to Houston or somewhere else.
Create various types based on the plane you liek to fly.


Create VOF (not direct GPS) plans from Terminal to terminal or runway to a parking terminal based on plane size (a320 is a medium- 747 is a heavy)

Create a terminal to terinal presaved on other routes you like so you can load from current airport to another.

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