Flight Plans - Some quick points

These points apply to IFR flying mostly.
Yesterday, I set out to try to plan as realistically as possible a flight plant from KDFW to KMDM. I looked up the SID/STAR’s for both locations, and figured out my departure runway, and the SID I needed to follow. So when I go into world map, it should be noted (real pilots know this already) that the SID and STAR are abbreviated in the game. For instance, I wanted to use the GARLAND8 departure, and did not know (upper left hand corner of the SID plate) the abbreviation is listed. In the game, that same name is listed using that abbreviation. The same applies for the STAR. So, if using World Map, this might cause some confusion, and now you know. I have NOT tried to input a FP into the FMC system, so not sure if the abbreviations are applicable there, but assume they are since on the official approach/SID/STAR plate. There may be other “things” the game abbreviates, if you know of one, lets run this thread to fish them all out and help each other.

I also tried to listen to real live ATIS online to see what the active runways were at KDAL, and could not get it to work. I wanted to get in the plane and already know what my active RW was going to be, instead of having to get it via ATIS in the game, That would have been one more step I could accomplish and not have it holding me up.

Oh, often, the ATC/787 loses the Transponder (XPDR) code and issues you another one, and if not familiar with where and how to input, your Flight plan will be cancelled and Flight Following assigned. Below the FMC is another little input area which is where it needs to be input. I suggest you practice putting it in several times to get your speed good because ATC only allows a very few seconds before they cancel it. Having a good knowledge of the camera system in the sim will assist in moving around quickly. One trick, hold down the right mouse button and use wheel to move about quick. You can also use arrow keys to go in direction they point, right arrow=right - left arrow=left.; down arrow=down; up arrow=up. No where could I find moving spoilers, the “NUM + /” keys should do it, have not tested. Now don’t know how to “arm them for deployment on touchdown” still looking for that one. This also mostly applies to 787, not sure it works same way in other jets.