Flight School like the "Lessons" in MSFS 10

We Need the Flight School back please.
There was HOURS of info, and hands on instruction in MSFS 10 in the “Lessons” area.
We need that again.
The current one is fine for that single plane, but learning VFR/IFR/Commercial procedures/Taxiing/etc… made that game all the more enjoyable, and made it feel like you are ACTUALLY able to fly a real plane, not just “winging it”" lol :slight_smile:

Thank You.

The current instructor is a suicidal maniac, following their instructions in a real world aircraft would be unfortunate and you will most likely die.

Having a simulated flight school made up by a group of real world instructors from around the world would improve the experience.

If things are taught differently in different parts of the world, maybe have a bunch of flight schools on the world map, each teaching their own unique things for their part of the world - obviously the flying part should be mostly similar everywhere, but weather reports, approach charts and documentation around the world differs quite a bit.

My want list;

  • Basic pre-flight ground school - a small write up on what to expect out of the lesson with some pretty pics and possibly a map showing the training area on initial flights, followed by a WAC snippet and flight plan sheet for nav flights that the player can print out and use.
  • Teaching of basic skills such as 1 in 60, East tracks at odd 500’s, West tracks at even 500’s, and use of a flight computer - perhaps even implement a virtual E6B or similar for speed, time, fuel and wind corrections calcs.
  • Do it in smaller steps - more lessons, to obtain each virtual license => RPL, PPL, CPL and ATPL each one becoming harder to obtain.
  • Instructor not to be suicidal.

I have no idea who you are talking about, Rod Machado in MSFS 10, or the Female voice currently in MSFS 2020? If it’s the current one, ok, I just don’t know lol. Though ANY instruction on HOW and WHAT to do is instruction enough that if your pilot dies, you might be able to live lol that’s all we could expect from a Simulation realistically.
Rod was awesome IMHO, and my commercial IFR pilot friend Mark has told me there is nothing wrong (mainly) with the courses and ground school that was in MSFS 10, it’s just missing alot of theory and the airplane mechanical stuff, bit more too. But it had the main beef of what was needed to know how to REALLY fly. To the point where after I finished the Private lessons, he said all I was missing is the mechanics(checks/fuel/oil/etc…) and I could actually go for my license(after real course of course, he said was a great intro). IMO they aren’t suicidal maniacs lol if what was being taught is COMPLETELY off course, and if they were not as Picky with everything, THEN I could agree with that lol
If someone however does NOT use complete Realism settings, then ANY instructors instructions could be considered suicidal I guess

I FULLY agree with your wants though my friend. COMPLETE Ground and AIR courses would be Exactly what this simulator is missing, Actually letting us under the “hood” and able to complete ALL checks b4 even getting into the plane, as most of the checks are mechanical and start before you are even sitting, would be nice aswell.
I find there is not enough “beef” to this one to keep me playing. Courses and a career mode would fix that :stuck_out_tongue:
I would upgrade just for that.


Just to add to this, it would also be awesome if we could choose our location for flight training. Maybe even a map selection similar to the manual cache where you designate your flight training area and a home airport. And ideally it would take you through the whole process from PPL to ATPL and all the checkrides etc.

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Don’t get me wrong, it absolutely shows you the basics, but things like idle thrust before turning base is a tad unrealistic for a student pilot. A friend of mine I often fly in the circuit with in the real world idles at 5000ft, but he is an experienced sky dive pilot and somewhat crazy. Students should be taught power on approaches and cross control in detail in my opinion. Safety first.

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I’m working on bringing IFR training missions to MSFS right now. It’ll mirror a real Instrument Rating and culminate in a full checkride.

It’s nearing completion and will cover NDB, VOR, ILS, Compass Turns, Partial Panel, analog+glass cockpits, SIDs and more.

Will post about it on the forums when it’s ready!


Hi all, I said I was working on IFR training missions…They’re ready!

IFR training mission pack is now available:

Instrument flight training missions return, better than ever, with FS Academy - IFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

IFR is an all-new, study-level package to take your skills to the next level.

Produced by a real airline captain , IFR gives you the knowledge and skills to fly like the professionals to get you home on those dark and rainy nights.

Mirroring a real Instrument Rating course, IFR is an authentic training experience applicable to everything from a Cessna to a 747, covering both analog ‘steam’ gauges and modern glass cockpits. You’ll begin in the conventionally equipped Cessna 152 before moving forwards to the glass cockpit Cessna 172 and multi-engine Diamond DA62.

Use real techniques and Jeppesen charts to fly complex true to life procedures with your instructor guiding you every step of the way through a series of 12 authentic missions covering all you need to know, culminating in taking your virtual Instrument Rating Checkride with your examiner.

​The skills you will learn are transferable to practically any aircraft, from a Cessna 152 to a 747 and everything in between.

​Accompanied by a comprehensive ground school , begin with the basics of IFR flight before moving through the course and taking your virtual Instrument Rating check ride.​

Edit: We now have a range of training packs, including VFR, Navigation and Airliner operations. Learn all about it here: www.fsacademy.co.uk

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Awesome :slight_smile:
Thank you for yours, and no doubt, teams hard work. I’ll check it out when I get the chance. Fingers crossed Hope it’s as in depth as it looks at first glance!

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Thanks! It certainly is and I’m confident you’ll like them

Just letting you know I completed the course and it was amazing!

Congrats on the amazing product, was tons of fun to fly and now feel more ready then ever to get my real IFR rating.

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That’s great to hear, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed IFR and found it helpful!

Hi thanks for sharing this.

Any chance we can get a video preview of what the training looks and sounds like? I think a lot of people who are on the fence would be swayed by a preview or trailer video to give a more comprehensive picture of how well the training mission pack plugs into MSFS 2020.

Thanks again!

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Yes absolutely!
I have had several very complimentary reviews on YouTube. Here are a few:

I’ve tried FSFlyingSchool and FS Academy and both are good.

I like the structure of FS Academy, but it’s also a bit rigid. This is where FSFlyingSchool excels as it allows you to fly anyway in the world and get feedback and grading.


For circuit training and visual flight, FS Academy - VFR has just been released!
It actually teaches you how to fly circuits, overhead joins, attitudes, mountain flying etc, which I feel is an improvement to the ‘nagging’ and trial-by-error approach found elsewhere!

What’s your issue with FSFlyingSchool? I like it. It allows me to fly anywhere and use it at the same time. Oh and you can use ANY aircraft. And there’s scoring.

I see a use for both utilities, but for some reason you want to have a dig? Why? Isn’t it Christmas? Goodwill to all men?

No bad will intended at all, they both have a place!
Did you understand the ‘nagging’ comment to mean FSFlightSchool?
Goodwill to all men, women and everyone i’d say!

If it’s not that then what piece of software are you referring to?

Yes, absolutely! I would love it if Rod Machado made flight lessons like he did for FSX. Here is a thread that has 120 votes so far.

Visit this thread and upvote if you want this!