Flight Sim don`t work anymore after Patch

After the Patch the Flight Simulator won`t start anymore. After double clicking the shortcut, the Microsoft Store opens and shows me the page of the “Gaming Service” wich is already installed. Great Job!!

I have the same problem. After patch MSFS dont start....... Its loading in the background 5 sek. and finish… I reinstall the MSFS now and hope this was the problem :frowning:

Worked flawlessly here, just like the initial download and install did. I agree, great job.


After the patch it doesn’t start to me. After “press a key to continue” it freezes forever…

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I found at first I had to delete everything out of the “Community” folder - all the repaints and scenery addons - once I did that it started up… I went to forums and found the line “Highly recommended to do a clean install” – so that’s what I’m doing now - uninstalled and reinstalling. - will let you know how it comes out. - if your game doesn’t start - make a backup copy of your “Community” folder and delete everything in there and see if doesn’t start up after that.

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Works fine for me through Steam.

Steam user here. Game won’t start after patch.

Installed IAW instructions, loaded a saved flight and all is well.

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Works fine here from MS Store

I tried to delete the community folder content, but it still freezes.

BlockquoteAfter the patch it doesn’t start to me. After “press a key to continue” it freezes forever…> Blockquote

Same for me.

Same - Hangs on loading following patch installation. Facing now my third full re-install !

After reinstalling the game won’t start if I have ANYTHING in the Community folder… still installing purchased addons (scenery and Carenado C182.) – will keep troubleshooting it.

After reinstalling it works for me again

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It works now! I deleted all the community folder content, restarted the pc and ran the sim as administrator. Fine!

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I’ve been trying to get all of the repaints for the A320 and others to show up – if add anything to the community folder it crashes – I modified the folders and aircraft.cfg files a little - deleted any extra folders (such as all of the MODEL folders and etc.) and finally got the game to start - however the repaints and extra liveries won’t show up in the sim.

Just pick your version on that page and hit install it will only install the patch.

My game was hanging for ever on the loading screen. (TBM without any progress bar).
I disconnected all the controllers after few tries. And … it worked after that.