Flight Sim Ruining Other Games

So…back in March I started upgrading my computer to get ready for MSFS 2020. Meanwhile to be able to enjoy the updated PC, I bought several new games like RDR2, Doom Eternal, and others. Then came midnight August 18th and the installation of MSFS. Ever since my other games have not worked. Every time the computer gets booted, MSFS gets launched. I hate this program!!! It will not allow other games to be played. Now I’ve forgotten where I was in those games all because stupid Microsoft launched this time consuming simulator. How is a person supposed to do other things when this lousy program takes over their lives?

Rant off.


I know what you mean. As soon as my PC boots as well, I click on the FS2020 shortcut. Then I wait and press a key to continue. Then it gets dark and I get hungry.

I know I am missing those Monster Hunter World vouchers but I don’t seem to care very much.


If you think Flight Simulator is bad, then I suggest you never get into programming. I spent four hours writing Docker scripts yesterday to better optimise the deployment of a single website. To make matters worse, the last time I bothered to go the movies, I left after 30 minutes to write more code…

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Not interested. I’m a retired IT person. Spent 37 years coding before I retired 8 years ago.

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Hi Happyscroll3

The solution is obvious:

  1. Click on the FS2020Rc2 shortcut and then launch another game to play that one.
  2. Pause half way through that game to ‘press a key to continue’ for FS2020 - then finish your game
  3. FS2020Rc2 will be ready to go (sort of) when you have finished that game.
    Alternatively, get your wife/girlfriend to start FS2020Rc2 while you are having your lunchtime pint at the local pub so that it will be ready to go (sort of) when you get home

I didn’t realize this was a joke at first and wondered if you had somehow managed to put MSFS in your startup folder, haha.

Don’t tempt me, it would save a double click on startup :smiley:

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You are really nasty OldeManToad
I have just read the post from BubblyDruid65 and only then realized it was a joke.LOL

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What other games? Did I have other games? I can’t remember.

When I feel cold I launch MSFS. Today I/Autopilot did an 8h flight and it was a great room heater. Thankfully it’s getting warmer for the rest of the week.

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Yes I am being sarcastic. I just have to laugh at all the b$tching and moaning about all the issues in the sim and how dare MS release it in this state. I for one am glad it was released even though not quite ready. I have enjoyed the heck out of it. I think I have owned every version of MSFS except the first, I had Sublogic FS2 on my C64, and also Fly!. I never had the great desire to be really proficient with any of them until this version.


Bahahahah! Same, to a point.

I have a buddy who will start spamming me instant messages of “Time to stop flyin’ and start dyin’” so I’ll land and play CS:GO with him.

Not games, but I’m not doing my usual daily bike riding. I have ridden twice this month, most of the other time with MSFS! Gained 8 pounds… d’oh!

I have games worth £3000+ on Steam. Haven’t touched them after MSFS release

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Format your drive then reinstall windows then FS then your other games then do it again to make sure. Hope that helps.

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My steam icon has cobwebs on it now…