Flight Simmers Hooked on VR

For those of us who have flown in VR and are having a tough time waiting for VR support to arrive on MSFS 2020, may I recommend the following tutorial:

“Poor Man’s VR”

YouTuber Bel Geode walks you through the use of Virtual Desktop ($15) in conjunction with OpenTrack freeware. I’m getting decent results with my RTX 2060 using this software combo / Oculus Quest with Link cable.

For the record, there’s no beating Xplane 11 for VR at the moment. I own OrbX NorCal and have a few Ortho tiles here and there. But, being able to fly anywhere spur of the moment with Bing scenery is just too great. The above solution is enough to tide over any VR flight sim fanatic.

I started out by trying to use the free BigScreen. While I’ve had good results with BigScreen VR in combination with other games, the framerate hit is just too much to bear with MSFS 2020 and my computer (Core i7, 16 gb ram). Same goes for the Steam VR Desktop Viewer. Crushed the framerate.

But, to my surprise, Virtual Desktop seems to be well optimized enough to handle the load reasonably well. Framerate isn’t as fluid as desktop, but it’s totally serviceable on “Medium” settings with a few tweaks. You can curve the screen a bit for the IMAX Theatre effect. Nice!

OpenTrack headtracking software allows you to “look around” within the frame of the curved virtual movie screen. Honestly, I experimented with it for about an hour before abandoning it for a mouse. Even after playing with a bunch of different sensitivity curve settings, I just found the twitchiness and minor latency too much a cost for the benefit. Still, it’s an awesome add on. Props (pun intended) to the developer for this freeware. I’ve heard about others enjoying it thoroughly.

EDIT: I experimented more with OpenTrack and have decided a really like it at low settings. Lowering the curve values can really make for a “gentle” VR experience. Great app here.

Question for y’all: Anyone tried VorpX with MSFS 2020?

Fingers crossed for universal VR support sometime in 2020. Go Asobo! Despite the early glitches, your product is a total game changer. Love it!

No offence, but the VR in Aerofly FS2 blows X-Plane away, but besides that, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
VorpX doesnt support DX12 :frowning:

If you have a Rift - then you don’t even need the Virtual Desktop app. I use the Dash Virtual Desktop.

I have a Quest. Hadn’t heard of the Dash Virtual Desktop app for Rift. Wondering if I could have saved myself fifteen bucks! Anyway, I’m happy with the setup. :slight_smile:

No offense taken. Thank you for the suggestion – I’ll give Aerofly FS2 a try. :slight_smile:

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