Flight Simulator 2020 crashes to desktop

Flight Simulator crashes to desktop. I already updated it.
nvidia geforce gtx lenovo legion corei7 9th gen

Sounds very painful. Kick it back! That’ll teach it a lesson, I’m sure.


Hi SpyingMirror816. Welcome to the community.
It’s been 35 minutes since your post. If you want help with your issue, just ask and provide good info to facilitate that. Your thread title and your post content does IMO not help you to get help. You might need to use good web translator.

Not massively technical but could conceivably work.

Being serious now, I think we need more info from you. We’d really like to help you if we can but will not be able to do so unless you can tell us a little more about your issue. A hearty welcome to the community but please help us to help you :relaxed: