Flight Simulator 2020 is a rollercoaster of emotions!

We all were excited when FS2020 came out. The visuals were stunning. The flight physics was not so much. PMDG keeps postponing the release of the planes due to issues with the SDK etc.

A year from now, we do not have graphics, not physics. The game is going backward to me. The roads look ugly on Virtual Reality and forget about textures in general. I see an increase in the FPS, but I rather see my simulator at 40fps with beautiful graphics than 100 fps with Minecraft views.

They wanted to downgrade the sim to be able to be compatible with Xbox. A huge mistake. It’s a simulator, for God’s sake. Please Microsoft’s don’t make the same mistake as Microsoft Flight. Learn from past experiences.

Flying at night is a pain. The cars look like they do not have lights. I am flying VR and IFR. I can imagine people who are flying in VFR. I feel the pain. I guess we have another year of pain and disappointment.


totally agree…
after SU5, everything was ok…may be one ctd here or there…and 40 fps
after hot fix this morning (here europe) everything ok…but now early evening and no changes at all in settings, back down to 15 fps, and of course all the stutters going with…
struggling and frustrating…may be will be better tomorrow…
but this sim is a pain…really…even all the hard work and the complexity for the developers,…i feel their pain, too…but we dont have to pay the price of that

Overall I am pleased with the update(s). In general the graphics look OK, the frame rate is acceptable and I can FINALLY get back to flying my flight sim. Sometimes the ground textures and the clouds look weird but acceptable.

One of my good friends came over after SU5 but before the updates and said “what the heck happened to the simulator, before it looked photo realistic now it looks really awful” He is coming by on Wednesday and I will be anxious to see what he has to say about it. I agree with his sentiments.

I hope things go more smoothly from here on out.

I did more flying today, and it wasn’t really satisfying…visuals aren’t at the same level yet, there’s stuttering, and overall it just doesn’t seem smooth and polished. This will need quite some work to be brought back on track. WU6 can’t come quickly enough. Fingers crossed and lets hope for the best.


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