Flight Simulator 40th anniversary collector box?


I love collecting stuffs and I don’t own MSFS yet because I didn’t have a good device, but I’m upgrading soon and will join the sky!

However, I was thinking of buying the Premium Deluxe physical version of the game, but I don’t know if you still need disc 1 inserted to play everytime.

Since most new computer and laptop don’t come with a disc drive, I was thinking; what if Microsoft and Aerosoft release a collector version of MSFS 40th anniversary edition with a digital code inside instead of 10+ discs?

Thank you

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Yes, you need to have the disc inserted to use the sim if you purchase the physical media version.

Why the Premium Deluxe version ? I have it and I can’t see the advantage. The best airliner is the freeware A32NX and there are plenty of excellent freeware airports.

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I feel the same. With hindsight there was no need for me to get the Premium Deluxe. Wish I had just gotten the standard.

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Because of the book that come with it lol. But maybe it doesn’t worth it. I don’t know.

Ah… I read lot of contradictory statement about that. Some say you need the disc, some say no. Maybe it’s because of Gamepass… Not sure. I wish I could get a digital version of the game, but with physical collectible.

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