Flight Simulator doesn't work without using VPN

While using vpn,I reached uptade screen without problem.Even in this screen,as I deactivated vpn,ı was kicked out of game.I have tried everything that was mentioned on the internet.Nothing worked.

VPN to where? Where is your exit point, and is it in a different country to where you live?

To USA,absolutely different country.I think,problem has to do with my internet connection but I haven’t found the cause of problem yet.

Why do you need to VPN to USA in the first place?

Same here in France with connection point in France. Boring.

that doesn’t make much, - if any -, sense. I’m playing in France without VPN all right.
Are you connecting to the western Europe servers ?
Are you trying to circumvent your employer’s security ?

Is it possible that my IP address was banned or something like that?

Nice to see people from North Korea joining us!

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Are you joking?I just need solution.I just keep getting error like “Access to content server unavailable” and keep kicking out of xbox live and I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with my country.

Yes, I was…

Had that problem initially but was due to my firewall and oo shutup settings. Only way was also to use a vpn. You need to ensure the network connection in windows doesn’t show limited connectivity and that xbox networking web connection shows connected. No need for teredo unlike what I read as all traffic is IPv4.

Problem solved:Just cancel ■■■■■■■■ secure internet from ISS menu.

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So this was a firewall issue? RealSecure?

Yes,could be considered same thing.