Flight simulator switches between not responding and responding

I am on windows. This happens in both the steam and microsoft store versions.
So i have not been able to reach the download screen (AFTER installing the launcher from the microsoft store) since the update. I clean installed the game when the update came out. When i launch the game it spends most of its time not responding and then briefly works for a a second then returns to not responding. it takes along time but usually it will actually make it further into the loading process. Anyone else experienced this or know a solution to this problem?

i can actually watch this behaviour in the task manager. i can visibly see its status change.

I’m seeing similar behavior. It loads to 50 percent and then hangs. I didn’t do a fresh install, I updated my installation from steam.

I got mine to update but I get this hanging too. Completely random. My menu hangs, the loading screen hangs, when I try and fly it hangs… then sometimes I can fly for a minute or 2 with no issues, then it hangs again… for like a minute at a time… every few seconds… Horrible. Unplayable.

I’m getting exactly the same thing, I’ve followed every guide on this forum to the letter and have now done a re-install. At the ‘Installation Manager’ screen it is still not responding every few minutes in task manager and I can’t move or interact with the window.

This is nuts.

I’ve now logged a ticket with Microsoft on this one.

It resolved itself for me after rebooting my machine. Now to get the content manager to download the updates for the planes, airports, and other things.

Last nights hotfix resolved this for me

Glsd to hear it! it fixed it for me too